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Our Work 

Our client-partners include famous brands and start-ups, from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits.

The principles and experience we’ve developed over decades are effective for any growth-oriented organization.

Whether the goal is to launch something new and unknown or boost the value of an age-old brand, our methodology is proven effective.


The largest petroleum services company in the world has been a leader in technology for almost one hundred years. Despite the company’s vast experience and clientele a new service line was not meeting expectations. Sales and interest were lagging. The global leader needed solutions quickly.

The Mission:

Find the truth behind the struggling sales. Then create a solid game plan to connect with the international teams to unite productivity and client satisfaction.

Wylde Fyre found the causes of the diminutive sales and built a media campaign that created allure and unified the global sales and manufacturing teams.

The Results:

The new product line became the world leader in one year.

BMC Bicycles

Cycling is a big deal in Europe. It’s a really big deal. In fact, it’s the second most popular sport with millions of avid fans and enthusiast. BMC is a prominent name in the sport and their professional team had just done the most prestigious race in the world, Le Tour de France.

Cycling had been growing in the United States and BMC wanted to used their European fame to expand into new markets. But the American market was crowded. How to break through?

The Mission

BMC needed to gain marketshare and brand value in the elusive US market.

Wylde Fyre dove into the intricacies of cycling to find the potholes along with paths to victory. The key was to expand brand appreciation and sales via activities more relatable to the US consumer. The winning solution was not through bike races across the ocean, but through the lifestyles of the target demographic.

We concentrated on the fast growing markets of triathlons and leisure riding. Extensive ad campaigns drew the attention with the US consumer and solidified BMC as a top-tier manufacturer.

The Results:

BMC national sales rose across the board, not only in specialty, professional products but for all levels of bicycles and accessories.

Memorial Hermann

Memorial Hermann is the largest hospital system in the largest medical center in the world. With over 6000 active physicians, it can be tricky to align messaging and start anything new.

The health care provider needed to effectively promote new services and unite communications to effectively move the needle.

When the pandemic hit, effective communications were more important than ever.

The Mission:

Develop marketing and communications that would highlight the physicians, technology and services of Memorial Hermann that would connect with the community and raise brand appreciation.

Through diligent study, we learned about the excellence and passion of the professionals of the hospital system. Then we shared the inspiring stories of dedication and exceptional healthcare that improves health and saves lives.

The Results

Unique branding elements and over one hundred videos were created to connect with consumers, which led directly to client engagement and increased appointments.

Caldwell Zoo

A beloved cornerstone of the community and highly respected organization had quietly grown over seven decades. Nestled in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it was time for the cherished institution to refresh its brand and be celebrated for its excellence in family entertainment, animal husbandry and international conservation efforts. 


Raise the brand value, grow community support and increase revenue through a united marketing and communications strategy.


Set record breaking attendance, even during the pandemic.

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