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Wylde Fyre is a creative solutions company with the perfect blend of experience, know-how and insight.

Wylde Fyre Creates Energy and Facilitates Positive Change

Our clients are our partners. Your goals are ours. Success of those goals is delivered through relentless communication, refined creativity, steadfast focus and knowledge without arrogance.

What We Do

Create solutions.

Branding Marketing  |  Promotions  |  Communications  |  Growth

Diligent research and earned expertise are harnessed to produce all forms of effective media.

Nothing ever stays still. Evolution is constant. We relish change. And we make it happen.

We're outfitted with a focused team of big thinkers and refined specialists.

Marketing Strategy  |  Graphic Design  |  Web Development  |  Video Production  |  Writing  |  Illustration  |  Photography  |  Social Media Generation

From research to strategy to production, we deliver seamless, all-in-one, in-house solutions.

Our Work 

Our client-partners include famous brands and start-ups, from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits.

The principles and experience we’ve developed over decades are effective for any growth-oriented organization.

Whether the goal is to launch something new and unknown or boost the value of an age-old brand, our methodology is proven effective.


#1 petroleum service company, but running 3rd in product line.

Mission: Find the reason for lackluster sales and solve it.

Performed international research from manufacturing to sales , found the issues by engaging and listening. Developed plan. Created the media. In one year, from 3rd to 1st.

BMC Bicycles

Winner of the most prestigious race in the world. On top of their sport, but sales not hitting the mark in the US. 

U.S. Mission: Build the brand. Generate revenue.

Memorial Hermann

Largest medical group with over 6000 doctors. So many specialties. So many personalities.  

Mission:  Unite all the specialists to one cohesive brand.

Caldwell Zoo

Regional, quiet institution. Perceptions evolve, expectations change. The brand needed modernization.

Mission: Grow the brand, give it the appreciation/value it deserves and prepare the zoo for the next 75 years.

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